How to assemble your Plastic Shelving.

By now you will have received your OBS plastic shelving, the number of shelving units will have arrived in heavy duty well packaged cardboard boxes. To explore more about our plastic cold room shelving, visit our dedicated page.

First off, we would like to thank you very much for your business. We hope that the OBS Plastic Shelving will serve you well for the next 47 years similar to the very first manufactured units which are still in use today.

When moving these boxes, be sure to have help when lifting or pushing, as these boxes are bulky and heavy.

Step 1

You can open these boxes from either the topside or the bottom side to access the plastic shelves. If you have purchased a four shelf plastic shelving unit that is between 100 - 140cms in length, the cardboard box will contain three mid shelves, a top shelf and six h - sections (these h - sections will give you the clearances that are needed to assemble the unit). If you have purchased a four shelf plastic shelving unit that is between150 - 200cm in length, the cardboard box will contain 4 mid shelves, a top shelf and nine h - sections. Each box will have easy to read pictorial instructions.

Step 2

Pull open the cardboard box and remove its contents, be very mindful of the staples as the can catch in your clothing or snag on your hand. As mentioned in step 1, a four shelf unit will contain three mid plastic shelves ( which has a small legs on each corner and sometimes in the middle, both top and bottom of the shelf, depending on the length of the plastic shelving unit.

Step 3

With the contents out of the box, put a mid shelf on a flat floor right side up ( which means the cross bar must be underneath the shelf, if you don't it is not the end of the world). Then put the h - sections on the small legs at either end of the shelf and maybe in the middle if you are assembling units from 150 - 200cms in length. When this task is complete add another mid shelf with h - sections till all mid shelves have been used. You will then be left with a top shelf ( a shelf with only small legs on the underside of the shelf), you then attach this shelf to the top of the third shelf to complete the unit.

Step 4

Move the completed shelving unit into its final place, this can be done by sliding it along the floor or by two people lifting either end of the plastic shelving unit and carefully carrying it into place.

Step 5

You will be then left with the cardboard box, a lot of my customers take these boxes home to their kids who in turn with some arts and crafts enthusiasm, they can make play houses for themselves or you simply can use them to store household items. If neither is of interest to you, please dispose of them responsibly.