Welcome to our new Cold Room Shelving website and so much more!

Yes, as the Internet world is constantly evolving, we found that our old website though very informative to our visitors, it needed to be updated especially for mobile phone users.

Our old website was not mobile friendly thus creating a bad visitor experience. Our visitors expect our website to be easy to navigate and to be quick to use. I think we have achieved a better user experience, you might let us know if you are enjoying our website but more importantly if you are not enjoying this site, could you let us know? Email me on ollie@obs.ie

We never new you supplied so many different plastic storage products!

This phrase has happened to us a number of times down through the years which is embarassing because it shows that we are not marketing our full product range to our customers thus resulting loss of potential business.

This new website will allow us to create blogs / case studies and marketing material for our visitors and customers.We have realised that our visitors are demanding more and more information on our products and the problems that our product range can solve.

Naturally, we can only verbally explain our product range and it's pertinent application to your needs one person at a time. By collecting all the case studies and the solutions that our product range solve on to our website, it allows us to inform a greater amount of people as they search for solutions to their problems.

We don't see a solution to our specific problem!

Everyone has a specific problem that needs particular solution. If you don't see a case study or a blog on your particular need, please give me a call on 087-2691014