Plastic Containers to Store your Fruit and Vegetables!

Me Bleedin' Veggies are only sweatin'!"

"Ya Wha!"

I met with a good customer of my recently, she hails from Liberties and whose humor and speed of thought is a sharp as butchers boning knife.
I says to her " what wrong with you?"

She says " Business is very good, thanks to the lord god almighty and you know how small my cold room is" I says "I do"

She says " I have cardboard boxes of veg and salad product everywhere, I think they're breedin in dat cold room!". " All me product is going off and not lasting pissing time!"

"Can ye help?"

I says "Well, put all your veg and salad into these perforated containers, it is impossible to chill product effectively through cardboard, plus you can see where everything is!"

Also, put each veg delivery into these containers and hand back the cardboard boxes thus saving on the cost of this refuse. What do you think?

The size of these containers are 600x400x200mm and are available ina solid version also.

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