Flour Bins

Why would you use our bins, see our blog Kitchen Flour Bins. These are a very good competitor to the steel flour container that are out on the market place.

Ingredient Bins that offer you an organised solution

What makes these mobile flour bins unique is that we can offer them to you in a range of colours. This allows you to segregate your flour which will reduce the possibility of cross contamination.

The come is many sizes to suit the capacity needed and the storage area required to store these bins. These bins would be a very good competitor to the rubbermaid FG360288WHT, rubbermaid FG9G6000wht or the rubbermaid prosave range


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In the standard flour bin range there are 3 main sizes. As you can see in the pictures above, there are other flour storage units.

Kitchen Flour Storage has to be done right. If a business does not execute proper flour rotation, it can be susceptible to flour mites which is no no by the health officer.

If you sense a weakness in this area of your business and would like some advice, please call Ollie on 087 2691014.