Thermo Boxes

Are you asked from time to time to do a little out door catering and wish you had the right thermo box?

Retaining proper temperatures as the food goes on it's travels can be stressful. Staff moan that the plastic thermo boxes are too heavy to lift!

Well let me introduce you an extremely lightweight insulated box for deliveries, that are exceptional easy to clean especially with strong odours. Food content in these insulated polystyrene boxes will only lose 1 degree of heat per hour.

These thermo boxes are many different names i.e. catering cool boxes, cambro hot boxes even catering boxes.

These are perfect insulated boxes for food deliveries, the can hold chafing dishes, gastranorm trays, euro containers, pizzas and even asia food deliveries. Hot boxes for food transportation give your the piece of mind that you can control your temperatures in the thermo box with a great degree of certainty.


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