Changing Room Seating

As you are very well aware swiming pools can be very harsh environments.

The heavy use of chemicals, the general humidity and moisture can be very tough on changing room benches. Our range of heavy duty certified plastic seating can be made to your specification, we have many customers who would like to maximise all available seating space in their awkwardly shaped changing rooms.

Our made to measure changing room bench offering allows us to offer you any bespoke made to measure seating configure that you desire.

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Our plastic changing room seating is made from a food grade heavy duty plastic and if required we can supply you with weight load certification to ensure that you are installing the very best plastic seating system on the island of Ireland.

Our storage solutions for floatings are a must to help you organise, dry and store all equipment after a swim class. These units again can be amde to your sepecification.

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