Cleaning Trolley

Cleaning trollies aren't just any old cleaning cart and away you go!

We at OBS Storage Systems are  the distributor of the TTS Cleaning Systems. Choosing a cleaning cart is not as bad as choosing to buy a car but nearly. We provide to our clients a cleaning trolley that handles your waste requirements, a trolley that stores your cleaning accessories and trolley that handles the washing requirements i.e. kentuckey mopping or flat mop systems.

We at OBS will design with aid of your direction the perfect cleaning trolley for your business. This will require a comprehensive understanding of how you would like this janitor's cart to perform. For a small investment and some time the ideal house keeping trolley can be created to enhance the daily routine for your staff members. By perfecting the design, you will eliminate the need to travel to and from the storage room to collect cleaning accessories.

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Some of our customers have changed their rubbermaid carts over to the TTS Trolleys because they found the rubbermaid trolley too inflexible for their requirements. At times they found the rubbermaid trolley 

  1. Too Bulky to move in tight surroundings
  2. Too big to store when not in use
  3. Not enough accessories
  4. Too heavy for staff to move

Each trolley design focuses on how you like to carry refuse on this trolley; how you would like to store and carry cleaning aids to help with the daily clean and the how you would like to use the wash section i.e flat mop of kentucky mop systems