Paperless HACCP Record Keeping

Digital Haccp Record Keeping

We at OBS Storage Systems are the official distributor of  the No1 Temperature and Digital HACCP Management System in the UK. As the kitchen world is changing a rapid rate, our customers are constantly looking for better tools to use in their kitchen to help them improve their business.

HACCP managment is a frustrating part of the a Chef's responsibility why....... It is repetitive, boring, paper records are never to hand when needed and are only checked occassionally.

We will offer you a digitised full HACCP Management System that will improve accuracy of information by 50% and reduce the time of form filling by 70%.

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When thinking to yourself on whether you should move over to a Digital Haccp Management System consider the questions below?

  • Would you like to know the true temperature of your refrigeration at any given moment instead of twice a day?
  • Would you like to prevent staff massaging temperature information and back filling this information from memory?
  • Would you like staff accountability and trace errors to a specific person, place and time?
  • Would you like all your service providers to upload for food / manual handling certificates, service reports for pest control and grease trap maintenance
  • Would you like to create an audit check list to evaluate your site or sites which would score according?
  • Would like to create a bespoke check list for an individual employee and then to be notified when it is or is not complete?

There are many, many other features that may tweak your interest, please give us a call on 01 6234999