Digital HACCP Record Keeping

Irish Paperless Haccp Record Keeping Made Simple!

As the kitchen world is changing a rapid rate, our customers are constantly looking for better tools to use in their kitchen to help them improve their business. Staff are being asked to do more and more with less resources.

Are your staff back filling your paper records?

HACCP record keeping is a frustrating part of the a Chef's responsibility, why....... It is repetitive, boring, paper records are never to hand when needed and are only checked occassionally.

We will offer you a Fully Digitised HACCP Management Software System that will improve accuracy of information captured by a minimum of 80% while reducing the time of form filling by 70%.

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What would our Digital Paperless Haccp System offer you?

Real time reporting of your Haccp information gives you an overall look at your haccp record keeping at any moment in time. This will help you identify that correct temperatures within your legal parameters are being captured and no under cooked food is being let through to the customer.

Our system will prompt the user for a corrective action if a staff member captures a temperature that is below the parameters.

Benefits of Automated Haccp Systems

This usually takes form of automatic fridge monitoring which give you secure knowledge of the performance of each and every fridge in your building. As each fridge temperature is recorded every 5 minutes, notifications are given to you when your fridge temperature are outside the temperature parameters that you want for that fridge. These notifications are given visually, audibly and by email message.

Daily / Weekly and Monthly Digital Haccp Checklists are automatically delivered to specific or all employees at any day or time to prompt them not to forget to do the checklist.

We pride our system is delivering to you a food check digital software that is flexible to eliminate the death by alerts that our competitors suffer from.

Our technology will allow you monitor food safety within your kitchen by providing digital haccp forms in a software which are easy for staff to complete.

Our kitchen checks software is delivered through our haccp app that can be used on your android tablet or phone.