Plastic Gastranorm Trolleys

Enhance your kitchen efficiency with our Plastic GastranormTrolleys.

These indispensable Plastic Gastranorm Trolleys are tailored to meet the unique demands of busy kitchens, ensuring seamless food preparation and storage.

OBS Storage Systems specializes in crafting bespoke plastic trolley solutions, precisely designed to your specifications. When standard trolleys fall short due to size constraints, product capacity, or environmental limitations, our made-to-measure approach guarantees a perfect fit. If you have a specific vision for a food preparation trolley and could use expert advice, reach out to Ollie at 087 2691014 for personalized assistance.

Our trollies can be customized to match your in-house containers or any specific requirements.

Include our plastic trolleys in your HACCP Plan for kitchens. Approved by local health officers, these systems are exceptionally easy to clean and corrosion-resistant. All our trolley units boast Weight Load, Food Grade, and NSF Certification, meeting the highest industry standards.

Preferred by health officer inspectors, our units assist in segregating high-risk food in walk-in cold rooms through color coding or signage. If you work with your own Gastyranorm or Euronorm Containers, our made-to-measure plastic trolleys are a popular choice, accommodating all size gastranorm containers with lids or stainless steel catering containers.

Our Plastic GN and Euronorm trollies outshine stainless steel alternatives. Users appreciate the reduced noise levels, crucial in healthcare environments. The lightweight design facilitates easier pushing, even with heavy loads, and the trolleys can be effortlessly reconfigured when needed.

Common containers like Polycarbonate/Stainless Steel Gastranorm pans find a perfect match in our trolleys. Explore our gallery for examples of trolleys crafted for satisfied clients. Elevate your kitchen efficiency with our Plastic Gastranorm Trollies, Plastic Euronorm Trollies, or opt for a made-to-measure solution tailored to your exact specifications.




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