Plastic Trolleys

These Plastic Food Preparation Trolleys  are very much a must in any busy kitchen.

We at OBS Storage Systems offer you made to measure plastic trolley solutions designed to your specification. There are times that the standard trolley is not fit for purpose because of size, the amount of product it needs to carry and the limitations of the environment that it will be working in. Maybe you have an idea for a food preparation trolley to do a specific job and you could do with a bit of advice, if so please call me Ollie on 087 2691014.

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As mentioned our trollies can be made to your specification or around your in house containers.

Our plastic trolley should be part of any HACCP Plan for kitchens. These trolley systems are approved by the local health officer because they are extremely easy to clean and the will not rust. All trolley units have Weight Load, Food Grade and NSF Certification.

All hospital food trolley suppliers would supply our trolley units, they are sure to help segregate high risk food within your walk in cold room. This risk separtaion can be done through colour coding, signage or you may have a system that works but needs a trolley.

If you are working with Rubbermaid Storage Containers and would like a made to measure plastic trolley for these containers, that would not be a problem, in fact it is one of our most popular requests. Whether you are working with gastranorm containers with lids or stainless steel catering containers, making a trolley to your specification incorporating these containers would be our pleasure.

Our range of plastic trollies would be a very good competitor compared to a stainless steel trolleys. Our customers like the fact that our trollies are not as noisy as stainless steel which would very important in a health care environment. Our trollies would lighter to push especially with heavy loads and our trollies are easily reconfigured if the need arises.

Polycarbonate / Stainless Steel Gastranorm pans are the most common containers that require a trolley. Please have a look at the pictures above of trolleys that we have made for clients.