Edlund Cling Film & Foil Dispenser

Is the Wrapmaster dispenser breaking you heart?

I think we can all agree that if you introduce a piece of equipment into a busy kitchen and it is not of good quality, it will end up broken and you won't know who broke it........just vacant look from a staff member with it wasn't me!

Cling Film and Foil are a necessary evil in today's world in a busy kitchen. If foil and film are not carefully managed, waste can mount up quiet easily. Staff can over use the amount of film & foil if allowed to hand tear, this can result in the film wrapping around itself and being discarded by staff who are not prepared to unravel the mess of their own making.

We are introducing to you the heavy duty stainless steel Edlund Film & Foil Dispenser that with any amount of employee bashing and deliver for you accurate and consistant film & foils cuts.

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The Edlund Dispenser allows the use of 12" & 18" rolls. Each dispenser has four heavy duty suction cups and a slide and metal cutters for foil and film