Edlund Titan Series Max Cut Veg Prep Machine

Do you prep alot of vegetable product?

This task can an arduous and time consuming and associated with high risk namely asking an untrained member staff to cut hard and soft vegeatbles with no knife skill training.

We at OBS Storage Systems offer the Edlund Vegetable Slicer to the Irish market that is the only machine that will slicer, dice, core and wedge all of your hard and soft vegetables.

Whether you creating your own chips, wedging potatoes, dicing peppers / onions or slicing tomatoes this hand operated slicer will do it all. You can be safe the knowledge that there'll no more knife accidents for the untrained staff member. Phew no more legal letters!!

As you move from different cut on a hard vegetable to a different cut on a soft vegetable, the edlund max cut allows you to easily and safetly change the blade catridge to adjust the thickness of the cut to the different type of cut ( Slice, Core, Wedge or Dice) that would be needed.

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