Plate Mate Trolleys

This is the only Plate Mate Trolley on the market that can cater for up four different size plates anyone time!

This allows you to possible store 2 different types of starters and 2 different desserts.

Its pincher type plate gripe is extremely effective in order to secure the plate when the trolley is being moved from plating up area to the cold room.

These grips are adjustable and hold plates or bowls up to 3cms deep. As the demand for larger and larger plates for various types of functions increases. The good people at plate mate design their trolleys to hold dinner plates up to 30cms wide.

It is an ideal trolley for kitchens which are extremely tight on space. These trollies can hold 48 plate, 84 plate,120 plate and 164 plates as standard but more and more our clients are asking for their trolleys to made to their design. For more information on these bespoke requirements, please call Ollie on 01 623 4999.

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This Plate Mate Trolley , sometimes known as a jackstack trolley are made from high quality stainless steel and heavy duty rubber components that will never rust. Rusting is the number one problem with our competitors because the cold room is a very harsh environment with moisture and acidity in the air.

As many kitchens are made in different sizes, sometimes the standard size Plate Mate Trolley will not work. If that is the case for you, please contact me Ollie on 087 26919014 to discuss a made to measure solution.

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