Kitchen Pedal Bin

Are the mainstay for any restaurant kitchen in Ireland. Proper recycling is not only proper management for the environment but also from a cost point of view. We at OBS wish to introduce to you the TTS Open Up 90 Litre rubbish bin. 

Why would you consider this kitchen pedal bin as a recyclin bin?

Many kitchens are very tight for space especially if you would like to do recycling. The TTS open Up 90 L bin is the perfect answer as it will allow you to hold two bags in the one bin.

Manual handling is a hot topic at the moment and if you want to prevent back strain caused by lifting a heavy bag up out of the bin then this refuse bin is for you.


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Category: Refuse Bins

tags: Kitchen bin; Pedal Bins; Front Door Opening Bin


Dimensions:  50 x 52 x 93cms.

It is a front door waste bin which will allow you to clean the inside of the bin. It have a heavy duty handle and wheels which will allow you to transport  the bin to the outside main refuse collection point.