TTS Cleaning Carts

Do you find that your Janitorial Carts are too big and cumbersome?

You are not alone in your frustration, moving cleaning carts up and down corridors can be hard wearing on your staff. Health & Safety are big issues for staff and members of the public who may pass by a cleaners trolley. Hygiene trolleys are the work horses for your cleaning staff. They need to hold all the tools for staff to affect good and deep cleans of their areas.

How do you store your cleaning carts?

The smallest room in most facilities is the cleaners room so particular attention to the trolley design must be given when storing in these rooms. Otherwise it will be cramped and chaotic, we can help you with this requirement. 

Does your hygiene cart have small and stiff wheels?

This will break the heart of many a user. Theses small things we at OBS care about in delivering you the perfect trolley. If your require help in designing your new cleaning cart please call us at the number below.






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