Metro Drying Racks

Let me introduce you to the Metro Drying Racks!

Does the hygiene of your food storage start in the pot wash area?

Possibly, it is an area that comes under extreme pressure each and every day. Chefs put severe demands wanting clean GN Pans, Pots and Containers. If they are left to drip dry nesting on top of one another, this could lead to potential problems with a build up on bacteria from the excess water which can be passed on to your prepped food.

"Speedy Drying Solution"

If you would like an organised solution that will store your lids, pans and containers individually then you should consider the Metro Drying Racks for your kitchen. These drying racks offer speedy drying solution through superior airflow to each and every item stored on it.

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The Dimensions are 1210 x 610 x1800mm. They have 4 shleves and are mobile. Each unit has two tray rack holders and 2 GN tray holders. There are many accessories that allow us to create an individual solution. If your require anymore information, please call the number above.