Metro Heated Shelving Systems

Warming Shelves for Food and Takeaway

You have worked so hard to create wonderful food for your customer, for it to be returned with a scowl from your customer with the words " IT'S COLD!!" 

Many kitchens use heated lamps to keep their food warm but this only keeps the food warm for a short period of time. The Metro Warming Shelving offers you a controlled heated environment with an adjustable thermostat for all types foods and temperatures required.

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Metro Heated Shelf Warmers can be personalised to your business using many different configurations. Whether you want to warm up wraps ( using our counter top model) to help with food preparation to storing orders for long periods in their own heated box, the metro range has the very solution for you.

Heated Shelving units provide a easy front and back of house solutions to keep food and take aways warm. You can create order stations to keep your food warm, a table pull the order together and shelves for storage. The metro range is vast.

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