Metro Prep Mate Trolley

As you look around your kitchen, you're busy, is work space at a premium?

Prep Mate will offer you at instant prep set up for those busy periods. A staff member can load, prep and finish all your product at this station. When he/she is finished, all the product can stored on the Prep Mate Trolley and wheeled into the middle of the coldroom. If your staff are bold, they can prep in the cold room which alway helps to focus the mind.

Are you responsible for the welfare of your staff against RSI?

Repetitive Strain Injury is major contributory factor to staff leaving the industry. One such problem is lower back problems for staff working long hours at the wrong heights. The Prep Mate Trolley will help you to provide a safe working environment by offering you a trolley with adjustable heights.

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The Prep Mate Trolley is made of stainless steel construction and it comes in 3 sizes.  Option (1) 60cms (L) x 46cms (W). Option (2) 92cms (L) x 46cms (W). Option (3) 122cms (L) x 46cms (W).    The total height of this trolley is 90cms adjusting to 101cms.

There are many, many accessories that you can choose from Chopping Board Holder, Knife Holder, GN Pan Storage and many others

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