Plastic Coldroom Shelving

Our  Plastic Cold Room Shelving can made to your specification. This would offer you the flexibility to maximise all the available space within your Refrigeration Cold Room. Our Plastic Coldroom Shelves can also be used as Freezer Room Shelving. These shelving units are extremely easy to assemble as a customer of mine once said " plastic snap together shelving or even lego" in a broad Kildare accent!

Designing a cold room shelving layout for the perfect storage solution can be very daunting! 

"If I could give you a shelving solution that would increase the storage capacity of your cold room by a minimum of 50% while reducing the cleaning time of the same cold room by 75%, would that tweak your interest?". If so, please call me on my mobile, Ollie  087- 2691014 


Please read out blog if you are undecided as to what shelving is the right one for you?

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Our Shelving can be made and purchased at 4 tier plastic shelving units , in fact your can purchase as many shelves that you require.

OBS Storage Systems are the No.1 supplier of walk in cold room plastic shelving systems in Ireland. These shelving units are a vented plastic shelving system that can be easily moved around your Cold Room or Freezer Room. We supply many, many shelving units to modular coldroom manufacturers. Our Plastic Shelving Systems are ideal for any catering, food preparation area or any area that requires shelving to be easily cleaned even Industrial Freezer Rooms.

Our shelving systems should be part of any HACCP Plan for kitchens. These shelving systems are approved by the Local Health Officer because the are extremely easy to clean and they will not rust. All shelving units have Weight Load, Food Grade and NSF Certification.

Modular Mobile Cold Room Shelving Units are a must for any cold room environment, these units allow the user to move food stock from A to B but more importantly it allows the user to effect a deeper and easier clean of the Cold Room or Freezer.

Vented shelving units can sometimes cause problems for the storage of small items. This problem would mean that the small items can topple over because of the gaps in the shelves. In order to prevent this problem, we would offer you a solid shelf cover.